Frequently Asked Questions 


Joining a Body Mind Spirit Celebration for the first time as an exhibitor, performer or attendee? Here is the place to have all your questions answered!


As an attendee is it easy to use this website to meet all your festival planning needs. You can buy advance discounted tickets, print a custom program guide highlighting just the events you want to attend and even print out discounts for the individual vendors.


Attendee FAQs 


Q:  I purchased my tickets online and have not received them. Do you mail them out?

A:  No, however you can show us the PDF of your tickets that were emailed to you. In rare occasions that email may be lost. If so, no problem, just bring your receipt from Paypal or we can even look up your purchase at the festival.

Q:  I purchased tickets online and can’t make it to the expo.  Can I get a refund?

A:  No, pre-purchased tickets are non-refundable.


 Can I use the coupon from the website and show you the image from my cell phone? 

A: Yes of course. Times have changed and we understand that showing us the coupon demostrates that you actually hunted us down on the web.


 Is there an admission charge for children?

A:  Children 9 and under are Free with a paid adult admission.


  Do I need to print the coupon offered on the website?

A:  No of course. Times have changed and we understand that showing us the coupon demostrates that you actually hunted us down on the web. However if individual vendors require a physical copy you may need a print out for them.


  Can I use a credit card to purchase my admission tickets at the door?

A:  Yes



Q:  Are all the offerings on the various stages included in the basic festival ticket?

A:  Yes, unless a separate charge is indicated in the description, most all content is included in the festival pass.


Performer FAQs


Q:  Does Body Mind Spirit Celebration offer performance fees?

A:  Yes, we believe that all performers should be paid fairly. If you taking part in our vendor village you will find that we pay you $50 at the time of your booking for your performance and precious time. Additionally we both invite and welcome submissions from accomplished holistic and folk music performers, published authors who will do readings of their work, yoga and movement professionals, and dance performers. In order to apply to be a Performer, please complete the application here. We will contact you if you are selected to continue in the application process. 


Q:  What is provided on a performance stage?

A:  Each stage comes with a four-channel sound system and mixing unit (usually a Fender P250); a lighting rig with Gig Bar with white “par lighting” as well as ability for mixed lighting; wireless or wired microphones; and projector for the audio visual aspects of your performance. Note: Although our AV and stereo connectivity is current, you are expected to bring your own cables and connectors.  


Q:  Do you have stage personnel for the performances?

A:  Yes, at all but our smallest events we have a stage manager who will be by the presentation rooms through the weekend. They will make sure your performance starts and ends on time, collect tickets as needed, and make sure your time goes off without a hitch.


Q:  How long are performances?

A:  In general all presentations last 40 minutes and start at the top of the hour. Additionally, we hold longer music and dance performances as well as keynote presentations.


Vendor FAQs


Q: I am interested in purchasing a booth, are there instructions on how to located on your website?

A: Yes, Click on "Exhibit" at the top of the page, then scroll down to #1. How do I Buy a Booth and click on the blue arrow icon-the instructions will pop up. 

 Do you offer discounts if I buy multiple booths?

A: No, we do not offer booth discounts. 

As a Vendor, can I have products shipped directly to the facility? 

A: You will need to check with each individual facility if they offer the service and pay any fees required.

 As a Vendor, what time is exhibitor load in?

A: Please refer to your Welcome Email that you received when you purchased your booth. We also send a reminder email the Monday before each show with Exhibitor information.

 I have a hard time reaching someone in the office, is there a better way to get a response?

A: Yes, email is the preferred method since we are often out of the office at our shows:

 Do you share your mail list ever?

A: No we never share, sell or trade our mail list.