BMS Celebration started in Ashland Oregon in 1986. The events have always maintained an equal emphasis on natural health, personal growth, metaphysics and entertainment. Our festivals balance local participation with the inclusion of a selection of the finest regional and national names in the holistic arena. Rapidly expanding in the late 1980s to all of the largest markets in the pacific northwest, the early 1990s saw BMSE create events throughout the southeast of the USA. Our 2012 purchase of the Legendary Metaphysical Celebration in Colorado and subsequent launch of our Whole Life Festival saw an increased blending of entertainment elements into our production. Interactive entertainment at events includes yoga domes, kirtan & ambiant music stages, meditation spaces, live sand mandalas and even a holistic circus. 2020 saw the aborted launch of the "Illuminarium" our first forray into augmented reality engagement. Also in 2020 BMS Celebration acquried the highly successful Victory of Light Festival in Cincinnati.

Body Mind Spirit seeks to awaken our Sixth Sense through infotainment. We believe we are all more alike than different. We believe that by supporting our holistic community we can transform the world one heart at a time. Many fringe ideas in the 1980s have been popularized through the holistic community gatherings such as ours and have now blended into the mainstream of progressive human awareness: yoga, chiropractic care, crystal & energy healing modalities such as Reiki & Therapeutic Touch, NPL, recycling and reusing, remote viewing, and even meditation as well as vegetarian and veganism.

Body Mind Spirit attendees today enjoy developing their sixth sense through the delight of their other five senses. From the delicious TASTE of healthy vegetarian dishes, to the TOUCH of therapuetic massage; from HEARing Live Music, Mantras and Sound Healing Baths to SCENT of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils; all our senses lead us SEE the visionary pathway of Global Oneness. From our own awareness it becomes easy to INTUITE a better future for our entire planet.

Steve Strickland founded BMSE, over 35 years ago. Merging his background in political campaign management with his experience as an exhibitor at gem and jewelry shows during the early 1980s, he strives to produce stellar celebrations where attendees leave exhausted but enriched by a multi sensory festival experience. Timothy Leary, a star performer at our early 1990s gatherings was the first to imbue multimedia content into previously static presentations. Steve evolved this vision of delivering inspirational holistic transformational content through entertainment. 

BMSE has continuously honed our events to cater to the metaphysical and alternative health communities. Keeping abreast of the latest performers, products, speakers, and overall trends in the holistic movement has allowed our festivals to remain relevent and well attended over the past three decades.