Jeannette Kasemir

Room No: 84

Panthers' Gate Metaphysics
Berthoud, CO

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Panthers Gate is a root chakra based metaphysical and martial arts school offering esoteric tools and classes on intuitive development. Our interdisciplinary martial art programs are fostered towards individuals on the path of self-empowerment and seeking self-discipline. Panthers Gate owner and founder, Jeannette Kasemir, is a gifted psychic and shamanic healer who has dedicated her life to healing through the martial arts and intuitive life coaching. Her psychic readings are root chakra based and provide insight into the subconscious thoughts and memories that have been suppressed through PTSD and trauma. She helps clients connect with their higher selves and transform the perspectives and limiting thoughts that stagnate further growth and evolution on their path. Whether you are seeking a discipline of the body, mind, or spirit, Panthers Gate is a home for everyone. 


September 6- 8, 2019

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Denver Mart,
451 E 58th Ave

Admission $7


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