Jan Petrie

Room No: 300

A Mystics Garden
Angier, NC

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Unique Jewelry and Crystal Back Massagers. Intuitive Counseling and Life Coaching. Meditation Music and Natural Products. Jan Petrie has traveled the country for 25 years doing readings, lectures, and energy work. She is also known for her regressions and healing abilities. Jan was raised by a scientist and taught to trust her feelings at an early age, allowing information to come thru accurately. She unlocks doors to higher vibrational frequencies showing you how to find your own Divine path, and how to move forward on it. Along the way you can meet teachers, guides and Angels. Her experience has made her one of he most successful intuitive readers known nationally today. Jan helps to bring people to their full potential and has changed lives by helping them understand their path and by removing their negativity. Dawn Prior, Energy Worker, is an energy worker and spiritual counselor. She was raised in a metaphysical family and has a unique perspective on the challenges of nurturing, balancing, strengthening, and maintaining her gifts. Dawn travels the country giving lectures, teaching energy work, and doing chakra balancing, along with giving information on how to use energy tools. She does this thru private counseling, informative classes and demonstrations. Her experience has taught taught her how to remove negativity from her life and helps to teach others how to do the same.


November 12-13, 2022

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-6

Florida State Fairgrounds- Florida Center East,
4800 US Hwy 301 N

Admission $12


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