Alysia Marlow Tengan

Room No: 214

Light Alchemy HI
Makawao, HI

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We provide premium products and services to clear, realign, and integrate within our body, mind, and spirit. With a wide range of products to support in everyday life, Light Alchemy HI is proud to present the eForcePlus Pendants. Sacred Geometry Jewelry that is fully functional in providing more balance, stamina, and expediting your progress with manifestation. We are your local resource for purchasing a Roxiva lamp, PandoraStar lamp, or MindPlace light glasses... deep trance meditation devices which allows the mind to access more of its innate potential. With stroboscopic LED lights, these meditation tools stimulate aspects of the brain by focusing light frequencies through the retina. This closed-eye meditation experience activates your pineal gland, allowing you to create a self-guided journey of your own natural DMT. Browse our selection of jewelry including the energy shifting eForcePlus Pendants & bracelets, the amazing Magic Of i products from Australia, Native American feather art by Judy Adams, & made in Hawaii ritual supplies such as crystal infused intention candles, premium loose incense & hand dipped cones to aid in meditation and rituals.


November 12-13, 2022

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-6

Florida State Fairgrounds- Florida Center East,
4800 US Hwy 301 N

Admission $12


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