Alexandra Falticeni

Room No: 102

Divine Reconnections
Arvada, CO

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Body, Mind, and Spirit Practitioner who specializes in customized energy and sound healing focusing on clearing and calming the entire nervous, mental, and emotional systems. Alexandra utilized multiple modalities in her practice to help reconnect the intention lines, heal the chakras, and re-balance all of the connections. Her techniques result in the entire body relaxing, calming any stress-related issues on all levels, improving physical-related issues, and returning the body to a balanced state. Repeated sessions will begin to help move the stuck energy by addressing the underlying emotion that is trapped in the particular area of the body. She also focuses on offering techniques and products to help with focused intention during meditations, Chakra clearings, intention exercises, and improving the manifestation of Feng Shui in your space. Come check out the sound bowls and accessories, Essential Oil Sprays, Palo Santo & Sage Products, and Crystal Jewlery that are used in Alexandra's healing sessions to help you in your daily therapy practice.

Colorado Springs

April 21-23, 2023

Friday 1-9, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

Colorado Springs Event Center,
3960 Palmer Park Blvd

Daily Admission $8
Weekend Admission $15


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