Patricia Valentine

Booth No: 20

The Lady of the Lake Medium
Fredonia, NY

Spirit Guides: How to Communicate with Them

Join Patty to learn about your Spirit Guides. This session explores who they are and how to communicate with them! There has been a huge debate amongst Mediums and Light Workers on this subject. You will find many books, articles, and internet research on the matter. Patty will not tell you who is right or wrong, but share her experiences and knowledge. At age 13 she was given a book from a very gifted, talented, family friend and Medium from Lily Dale. Since then she has been working and communicating with our SEVEN MAIN SPIRIT GUIDES. Yes! Seven! Through out this lecture we will discuss: Where do your guides come from? Who are your main seven guides? What are their jobs? How to communicate with them! Patty hopes you will leave this lecture with the abilities to bring your guides in on a daily basis and make life changing decisions with divine guidance. Handouts will be available and this is a interactive lecture so don't be afraid to speak up, ask questions, Spirit LOVES the flow of positive energy!!


February 26-27, 2022

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-6

NC State Fairgrounds, Exposition Center,
4285 Trinity Rd

Admission $14


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