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Angel the Medium
St. Augustine, FL

Ask Angel: Exploring Psychic and Mediumship

Join Angel The Medium, an Evidential Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive, for an insightful lecture and Q&A . Angel has extensive experience as a Medium, Psychic, and Life Coach. For many years, he has taught his students how to meditate, connect to spirit, and develop their natural psychic and mediumship abilities. This lecture is your chance to ask personal questions and explore the world of psychic phenomena and mediumship. Whether it's about evidential mediumship, medical intuitive readings, health, energy healing, meditation, personal development, or the mysteries of the unseen, Angel welcomes inquiries with warmth and understanding. In this intimate setting, Angel can share his personal stories, offering insights into psychic phenomena and mediumship. From overcoming challenges to fulfilling childhood dreams, his journey becomes a testament to the power of spiritual connection. As a devoted husband and father, Angel's mission extends beyond personal discovery. He's committed to helping others find comfort, healing, and guidance through his gifts.


April 27-28, 2024

Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-6

Westside Commons,
873 NE 34th Ave

Admission $10